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"We are committed to helping create a professional website for business people, especially UMKM in Indonesia and also helping them to develop their business through a website platform"
Mohammad Farkhan
Founder and CEO of Webcare.idn

About Webcare Indonesia

Cool UMKM with Websites

Webcare.idn is a start-up that is engaged in technology to help business people and companies to realize their dream website, we offer a website at a very affordable cost and also ready to use immediately.

Our Product

Business Information Website

Contains information about the product or information about the company, but there is no transaction feature in it

Business Website

Contains business products and can make transactions on the website or E-Commerce features

Landing Page

Landing Page is a page that is specially designed to conduct a marketing campaign or ads


#Create your dream WEBSITE NOW

Having a website with various features to support your business is no longer difficult to get now because of the high cost of making a website, we are here to help you develop and make your business more professional with a website

Our Client

We have helped dozens of clients, ranging from UMKM scale businesses to companies


Our Client

And much more